What To Add To Your Makeup Collection

What To Add To Your Makeup Collection

4 makeup staples everyone must have  my must haves from powder to eyeshadow palette to a lip color to a highlighter. Having tried and tested a few products in each category, I settled on the following.

And they aren't pricey either! You can shop all of them at the end of my post.
I always love to change up a lip stick or a blush but the following seem to be irreplaceable in my heart. 

This Morphe Brushes Always Golden Palette has all the neutrals your eyelids are in dire need of. Time to time I wear 'Surprise' on its own for a simple look. The shimmery eyes wake your eyes and light up your face. For the evening when I create a smoky look, I add 'Brews' to the crease. 'Taken' in the crease creates a more daring eye look though.

While I work on my eyes and lips, I like to bake my face with Makeup Revolution's Baking Powder in 'Translucent' on my t-zone, under the hollows of my cheeks, chin and under my nose. Not only does your face brighten up, but it brightens up with a matte look in the areas it should be brightened but not highlighted. One tip I got from a makeup artist, who taught me about baking as well, is to gently brush away the excess powder before 5 minutes! This way your look is more natural and in flashy pictures nothing is blotchy. 

Speaking of highlight though, this L'Oreal Lumi Glotion Highlighter is a drugstore best of the best. I wear it every day and it's become a necessary staple to my makeup routine every morning. Before going out, I like to touch up on the highlighter along with my eyeshadow. There's something special about a face that's been highlighted on the bridge of the nose, above the Cupid's bow, on the brow arch and we cannot forget about the cheek bones! During the summer I love to add a bit more than usual, as well as some on the forehead.

And the last staple is a fresh lipgloss from Milani Cosmetics. This Nourishing Lip Plumper lipgloss can go on clean lips or over a lipstick. The color 'Soft Rose' is a refreshing pink for the lips. This is a daytime gloss, but not too glossy. I wear it daily as the color is a stunning nude pink.

People's eyes draw to the eyes and the lips naturally. Always have a fresh look to show. Simple, light colors with a little shimmer in the eyes is never a bad idea. A girly look that isn't too girly you might say. Or a clean look as I would call it; one that does not draw attention from your hair or outfit. This season, let your hair and outfit speak. But never let the face dull out your look.