Hope For 2020 — A Letter For Myself

Hope For 2020 — A Letter For Myself

When we started the year, we were all in hopes of the best year yet (!), right? But by what has hit us, I hear many of us have a change of heart.

2020 was supposed to be my year of new adventures, more potential. But who said it can't be?!

I am spending today working on my personal growth and business growth. I am being productive with this free time, especially when everyone is turning towards social media for inspiration and to liven up, am I right?

Join me!

I postponed two trips, but they will still happen! I am not depressed being isolated but taking this opportunity to work on what I've been procrastinating. There are some beautiful and inspiring women out there who are motivating my mind to create!

Join me!

So here's my letter of hope. For the rest of 2020 —


Dear me,

Hope is not just able to see the light despite all the darkness. Hope is a feeling I have that my dreams will come true.

When I reach a goal, I will make an even greater one. And when I reach that one, I will make another one. Who said I need to stop at any point? No, no. Once you hit age 75, look back to when you were in your 20s; did you think you would come this far? If you make one goal, you can end your life at age 25. But who wants to do that when you have 50 more to go?

Girl, don't ever stop yourself.

I want to see what happens when I don't give up. 

So, girl, I believe in you. You believe in you too. Write a goal you can reach in the near future but leave lots of space underneath it so you can put a line through it and write a new one underneath.