My Future In Paris — Hoping For The Best

My Future In Paris — Hoping For The Best

In August, I am planning to make the move from New York to Paris. I am able to get closer to another fashion-based city with the beauty in every street. When I visited Paris, I was in awe of its beauty, of its simplicity, of the people who walked the streets. 

I saw my future there. 

But today the city is on lock down. And we all hope this virus won't last long but it's sad to hear this news. My heart goes out to everyone who's been impacted in any way. 

Not knowing if this will clear up by August, I can only hope. Hope is what will get me through — it will get all of us through — whatever may be thrown at us. 

So to all who've been impacted, I feel for you but let's all say a prayer for our families, our cities and the rest of the world. Wasn't it tranquil when all was going well? 

And it will return back to normal soon, we know it. 

Sending my prayers to you all. xx 

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