Make It A Schedule

Make It A Schedule

A few posts back, I talked about doing some daily self care. I touched upon why some of us don't do it regularly.

 Why do we fail at self-care?
Most of us are very busy or get consumed by technology to make time for ourselves. Time for our own selves is usually the last on the list. Why? Because there's no deadline for it. Schoolwork or work assignments, therefore, go first. 

We do not pencil it into our schedules either. Starting self-care can be challenging, but once you have a chance to start it up, do it. Once it becomes a regular habit, you will not let yourself go back. 


Make your own self-care schedule. I created one in collaboration with Haulow and wanted to share it with you all. You can find it on their Instagram (@skincarebyhaulow) and all their products on their site ( 

Choose 3-4 days out of the week, whichever work for you with your schedule. 

Keep your Mondays light, as we all know what Mondays feel like. Wednesday and Fridays, have a mid-week and an end-of-the-week "me time." For me, a work out is a must but also a relaxing evening to keep me going for the next few days. It prepares for a good night's sleep that reenergizes you for the following day.

Sundays, though, keep the day in general for yourself. Go for a walk or a jog, do some baking, and spend some time with the family. Keep it chill, you know? Spend the day for your own personal growth, in every aspect. Sundays are also the days to organizing for the following week  write out your planner. 

Simply, pick three beauty items and three activities for your self care day. It can be many different things! Check out my choices below.