My 5 Steps To Perfect Skin

My 5 Steps To Perfect Skin

Disclaimer: Everyone's skin is quite different. Everyone has a different complexion. You might have a different reaction to a product than I will. A product has done wonders for my skin but may not be useful to yours. However, someone reading may get similar to the same results as I have now.

I have inserted a before picture, and you see my skin without foundation makeup pictured as well. It took 5 steps to achieve this result in about 6-10 months. Keep in mind, your results may vary, but I thought I'd share for those looking for a boost.

Left: 1 year ago, no makeup. Scattered acne spots and blackheads all over.
Right: 1 month ago, no foundation on, only under-eye brightening concealer and bronzer. Smooth, silky, glowing skin with no spots, blemishes or blackheads. 
Step 1: Curology
Many of you have heard of Curology — a custom made formula for your skin. It took around 6 weeks to see results, and I will thank Curology for getting rid of my scattered acne. Ever since using their custom formula for my skin, I never had one pimple pop up! My blackheads disappeared as well!

Step 2: Neutrogena's Acne Stress Control Toner 
I started using this at the same time as Curology, but I used Curology in the nights and this toner in the day time. It's the combination of these two that altogether cured the breakouts on my face. This toner never irritated my skin and feels very light as it's oil-free.

Step 3: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream
My skin was dehydrated and looked — well — bland, you can simply put it. This moisturizer leaves skin hydrated, and it is very lightweight, giving your makeup a more natural look. It's also the best seller worldwide, so I've got people on my side!

Step 4: Olay's Retinol Night Eye Cream
Only recently I noticed my concealer going on patchy and that my eyes would not absorb it properly. I never cared for eye creams, but now I did! A few blogger ladies wrote about this eye cream, and why Retinol is essential in your routine, so I gave this Olay Night Cream a try. It did not irritate my eyes, but it is heavy, so thankfully  it's a night cream! During the night, it nourishes and hydrates the eyes and gives noticeable results quickly.

Step 5: Glossier's Futuredew Oil Serum
In just two weeks, my face saw immediate radiance on its own. This serum has nourishing oils that don't feel greasy but gives skin a well-moisturized look. It does not interfere with my makeup either — makes my skin dewy — which is the healthy glow we all want, am I right?