Hey! I'm Reena, running Off White Mag. My passion is to encourage young women in taking care of themselves and empowering each other. Inspiring each other of our beautiful bodies, boss babe attitude and work ethics, and ultimately looking after ourselves before looking after someone else is the kind of platform I want to create here. My most popular platform is Instagram but I have also added a blog for more lengthy posts. 

One of the ideas I encourage is to travel as it is so freeing for the soul. On my bucket list I have quite the list of different cities and countries to visit in the near future, like Morocco and the South of France. If you've never been to New York, my home, I highly recommend you plan a visit soon! Beautiful city with so many places to walk around to explore, food and coffee shops to stop by at, and it is shopping galore.

This blog is a platform to collect all the posts about young women empowerment and self-care which I believe is the success to a healthy mind and, therefore, a healthy lifestyle. I share many ideas which you may often see on other influencers' pages but most of what I share is new and embracing to the soul. I hope you don't just read through my posts, but truly applicate them to your daily routine and the habits you may have. We are all learning to better ourselves so let's learn together!

I will only share products I am truly a fan of and are using myself in my routines, or else this will be dishonest. I will not be hindered to post something I do not agree with in trade for money or things such as. To create a relationship with my readers and establish trust for future projects, I strongly believe I ought to be honest — and even share my dislikes with you. 

I have one specific goal for my future, among many. I am currently taking many of these steps to reach it. Creating a beauty and wellness based Instagram and a blog, collaborating with brands, and attending events will ultimately bring me to my long-desired goal, to create my own line of magazines. Come along on this journey with me!


Media kit available upon request, email reena@offwhitemag.com for collaborations or any questions.